Located in Ventura, California, Harper Point Photography is here to help you put your best face forward. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your headshot photography shoot so we can capture who you really are. If you’ve been looking for a headshot that can tell your story, you’ve come to the right place.

Headshot Photography Taken By the Headshot Photographers at Harper Point.

Whether you love having your photo taken or have been dreading getting the headshots you need, we want to work with you. We design our headshot photography sessions to be enjoyable and accurately capture you and, if necessary, your staff. We’ll take the time to make sure you’re comfortable and getting the types of images that will be most useful to you.

Our clients leverage their headshots on a variety of platforms including:

     On their company or personal website’s biography pages

     As their LinkedIn profile picture

     As a profile picture for other social media, including Facebook and Instagram

     In print and digital flyers, brochures, and advertisements

  On their resume or CV

If you’re the focal point of your company or a key component of selling your products or services, we can work with you to create an imagery collection you can use across all of your marketing activities. Whether you need images for your website, for an upcoming marketing campaign, or simply to update your branding in general, we can shoot a range of looks and styles to ensure you have a complete, highly useful imagery collection.

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Headshot Photography of Male Client in Black & White Taken By the Professional Headshot Photographers at Harper Point.

Headshot photography is one of our absolute favorite categories to shoot. Why? We love having the opportunity to connect with the people we photograph. We know that when you set up professional headshots, you’re inviting a photographer into your personal space. We are always gratified when clients say, “That was so much better than I expected!”

Professional Headshot of Female Client Taken By the Headshot Photographer at Harper Point.

If you’ve been looking forward to your headshot photography session, we’re excited to work with you! We strive to make every session fun and relaxed, and to collaborate with you so you get images you’ll truly love. If, on the other hand, the thought of sitting for headshot photography makes you feel a little bit anxious, don’t be stressed. Our team has years of experience helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera so they can get the strongest images from their headshot session.

Headshot Style Guide

  • For a quality headshot photo session, it’s important that you be yourself. The more relaxed you are, the better the session will likely be.

  • Bring your best outfit to the shoot. Dress nice but not too extravagant. Dark and light clothing each have their benefits. Whereas dark clothes avoid being too distracting and have a classic appeal, bright color clothes stand out and appear more fun and carefree.

  • Wearing longer sleeves will prevent your arms from looking too large. As your neckline will be visible, consider wearing something visually pleasing.

  • Accessories help to convey your personality and unique style.

  • Choose patterns and stripes carefully. While some patterns can appear too busy, others add a great sense of fun and style.

  • When applying your own make-up, add a little bit more on your lips and eyes. You may want to use matte foundations and powders rather than shimmer and metallics.

  • If you would like to wear jewelry in your headshots, be sure to bring some different necklace and earring choices.

  • If you are planning on getting a haircut, we suggest waiting at least a week before your photoshoot.

  • Letting us know where you plan to display these headshots allows us to capture the right mood.

  • If you have facial hair, trim it so that it looks tidy. For those wanting a clean-shaven look, we recommend a thorough shave prior to your session.

Headshot Photo of Clients in Front of Orange Backdrop Taken By the Professional Headshot Photographers at Harper Point.

Our portfolio is broad and varied. We’ve worked with every type of headshot client, from a single person startup to a company that needs to get dozens of employee headshots taken in as short a window as possible.

Whether you’re looking for professional headshots that will make a visual statement about your brand or for an expert photography team to capture headshots for your entire staff, we’re here. We can collaborate with you on conceptual photography or work flexibly to ensure each person gets a quickly captured, flattering image for your staff bio page.

If you want to learn more about having headshots captured by Harper Point Photography, we would love to connect. Feel free to contact us online or call us at (805) 653-5999 with any questions or to discuss setting up your shoot.

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